Excerpt #2: Myths arise from many origins.

           We recognize that myths arise from astronomical, meteorological and geological events. But we present here our thoughts on the myths more importantly contain valuable information on the development of the soul within man.  Questions regarding life, death, and consciousness are not well understood. The enduring question of higher consciousness may be the key to the survival of the myths as well as to their powerful ability to create a renewed sense of the Self within our literalistic and materialistic world.

            One of the key points of this book is that, for each individual, daily life involves at least two different I’s. For the most part, a person wanders around without much self-awareness. At certain times, however, something becomes more active and aware within. Sometimes this results from efforts of attention, while at other times it may occur through what appears to be an accident or pure chance. This arising of awareness is a beginning, a creation, or a re-creation. that in this book we refer to as an awakening of higher consciousness or an arising of the Self. We see these moments of self-awareness as the central theme of myths throughout the ages. The ancient myths, such as those in the Bible, are not merely tales of long ago and far away. We present our case that myths refer to the intimate and immediate awakening of higher consciousness —and thus provide much insight and guidance.