Every day, myths shape the way you see yourself and the world around you. Whether you know it or not, the cultures of Sumer and Egypt are alive and well in your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

As scientists, authors Paul Boudreau and Lloyd Dickie are curious about where our culture comes from; how we got here and where might we be going.

In book one of the Awakening Higher Consciousness series, Paul and Lloyd cover more than 30 years of travel, research and discussions around the world focusing on creation myths. Awakening Higher Consciousness traces present day beliefs back to 5,000-year-old myths that have survived the ages to influence you today. It’s a complicated journey that shows how our beliefs have been shaped by the intersection of mythology, spirituality and science over thousands of years.

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Interview with Lloyd M. Dickie and Paul R. Boudreau on their book "Awakening Higher Consciousness: Guidance from Ancient Egypt and Sumer".