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Table of Contents

> Introduction - The Origins of Our Questions

> Chapter One - Life and Meaning in Myth

Unearthing the Evidence and the Methodology of Initial Study

> Chapter Two - Myths of Creation and the Arising of Self

Origins and Evolution of the Sumerian Creation Myths

The Beginning in Sumerian Creation Myths

Comparisons between Egyptian and Sumerian Creation Myths

The Sumerian Creation of Men and Women The Egyptian Creation of Men and Women

The Summing-Up

> Chapter Three - A Dialogue of the Ages

A Conversation between Friends

Final Comments

> Chapter Four - Gilgamesh: The Struggle for Life

The Meeting of Gilgamesh and Enkidu and the

Two-sided Nature of Being

 The Character of Enkidu

Aspects of the Foundation of Personality in Gilgamesh and Enkidu

The Partnership Continues

Further Illusions in the Land of the Living

Difficulties of Matching Aspirations with Abilities

The Power of Discrimination; The Story of the Flood

An Important Aspect of the Love of Self

> Chapter Five - Ancient Egyptian Myths of the Arising of Self

Our Basis of Understanding of the Osiris Myth

Myths of the Mystery of Existence in Ancient Egypt

Symbols of Family Relationships

The Myth of Osiris and Isis

The Roles of Osiris and Isis

The Continuing Situation of Osiris in Relation to the Egyptian Experience

A Bald Generalization from the Egyptian Myths of the Mystery of Existence

> Chapter Six - Journeys through the Netherworld

Ancient Egyptian Literature and Tradition on Consciousness

Creation Symbols That Accompany the Creation of Atum The Dwat

Reflections on the Nature and Effects of Entropy Continuation of the Main Theme

Concepts of the “Afterlife” in the Sumerian Tradition

Evaluation of Differences between the Sumerian and Egyptian Netherworld

Egyptian Symbolism of Time A Summary

> Chapter Seven - Search for Wholeness and the Self

Two Principles of Creation: The Personifications of Heka and Maat

The Case for the Importance of Heka

Characteristics of Heka Relating to the Arising of Self

The Relationship between Heka and Maat

The Need to Awaken to the Larger View of Reality

A Final Word 

> Appendix 1 - Lineage of Myth

The Egyptian Lineage

The Sumerian Lineage

The Potential for Some Shared Influences Distinguishing Ancient from Primitive

 > Appendix 2 - Meanings Contained in Glyphs

> Appendix 3 - Creation Represented in Number Systems

> Notes

> Bibliography

> Index